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Harry Batt

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USA English
In my art studio and about the house, I store drawing pencils by the dozens in empty cups and short drinking glasses. I call the receptacles "quivers." Does anyone else use the term, or something better?
  • Brioche

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    Australia English
    Sorry, but doesn't appeal to me.

    Quivers are tall receptacles for arrows.

    Your containers are more caddies or desk tidies to me.
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    :DYes, I like the idea of quivers and of pencils being like arrows:)
    I suppose the generic term I use is pen pots (they generally contain pencils and pens), though if I had to name my five receptacles individually, I'd call them: (1) ex-shop-display stand for holding pencils; (2) planter; (3) big tub that used to have a Ritzenhoff mug in it; (4) small tub that used to have incense cones in it; and (5) bottom half of an old coffee canister.


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    I've always said pencil cup, but I am an instant convert to desk tidy. I shall set about making little lace skirty things for them and maybe a pretty tatted edging around the top. :)
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