Quizá plus subjunctive

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I am writing a mini-essay for my language class and I am trying to express the idea that unity takes time and perhaps in 50 years Simon Bolívar's dream will be realized. I used quizá but I am unsure of the verb mood following it:

Quizá dentro de cincuenta años los países latinoamericanos ingresen/ingresarán bajo una única bandera.

Many thanks!
  • krometor

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    If you use the words or expressions: "quizà" the subordinate clause depends on this word which is expressing doubt, uncertainty. As long as you use this word, next clause is a subjuntive clause

    Hope it helps


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    In Spain, you hear/read both indicative, subjunctive and conditional after quizá. I'm not sure if they would also use the future: I wouldn't.
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