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Hola a todas -

anoche estaba intentando decir: maybe we should bring the dog inside.

I started with - Quizás, and then assumed deber should be in the subjunctive, which I thought always happened after Quizá/quizás. I was corrected, though, being told it should be debemos and not debamos. The whole sentence would be something like: Quizás debemos traer a Harpo a dentro.

Can anyone tell me why this shouldn't be subjunctive? Or if it would be sometimes and not others. Apparently I am wrong about the subjunctive always following quizás.

Thanks in advance.
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    Both forms can be used. It all depends on how certain you are of what you express.

    Quizás debamos ir. (Though I'm not sure at all) [quizás + subjuntivo]

    Quzás debemos ir. (I'm almost sure) [quizás + indicativo]

    For a reference, here.
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    Hola: Como bien han dicho, hay muchas posibilidades con "Quizás" (hay muchos hilos al respecto):
    1) Quizás debamos (incierto)
    2) Quizás debemos (probabilidad más segura)
    Pero yo me inclino en este caso por:
    3) Quizás deberíamos....(el condicional refuerza la duda, pero es muy usado).
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