Quiza(s), tal vez, a lo mejor

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Please can someone clarify that the above expressions, normally translated by 'perhaps' in English, are always used with either the subjuctive or the indicative, but never with the future tense. I can't seem to find any conclusive help anywhere!

Thanks amigos!

  • lazarus1907

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    If you can use more than one mood, you use the indicative when you are rather sure, and the subjunctive when you are more uncertain:
    • Quizá + [ind/sub] -> Quizá han cambiado de opinión / Quizá lo sepan
    • Probablemente + [ind/sub] -> Probablemente lo sepan/ Probablemente vendrán mañana
    • Tal vez + [ind/sub] -> Tal vez no quiera / Tal vez no quiere
    • A lo mejor + [indicative only] -> A lo mejor no se han enterado
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