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If I'm a seller, and I want to sell my cars,
1. The price I offer is 5000$ each.
2. The price I quote is 5000$ each.
It seems to me sentence 1 should be said by a buyer rather than a seller,right?
How should I say in this situation? Is sentence 2 correct? or are there any other ways to say it?

Many thanks in advance.
  • tinlizzy

    Senior Member
    USA - English
    Yes #1 would be the buyer.

    #2 A seller might also say the 'asking price' for the car is $5,000.

    You are offering the car and asking for a sum of money in return. The buyer offers a price and then it can be said that the seller counter-offers if the offer is below what he wanted.

    In the US if the seller does not want to negotiate on a price then he will state $5,000 firm.
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