Réception de produits


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I'm trying to translate an article about a place that receives grapes and makes them into wine for sale in bulk and bottles. I'm not quite sure of the best way to translate 'Réception' here.

Réception de raisins, production, expédition de vin en vrac et conditionné et point de vente directe.

Neither 'reception', 'receipt' nor 'intake' seems quite right but I don't have an alternative in mind.
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    English (Ireland)
    Hmm, that does ask the question of how the grapes end up there. Procurement and acquisition are probably both accurate in that they're not just passively receiving grapes.


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    My bad; 'réception' is actually the first stage after the grape harvest: grapes are unloaded from trucks into a huge receiving tank named 'conquet de réception' : trémie (hopper) servant à la réception du raisin à l'entrée du cuvier, à partir de laquelle commencent les opérations de vinification).
    Did not find the english term :(
    By the way the expression then should be 'Réception des raisins/du raisin'.
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