réception directe / réception totale (rediffusion par les médias)


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I'm trying to distinguish between "réception directe" and "réception totale" as it relates to fees payable by broadcasting companies to SACEM who deal with authors' royalty payments. "Directe" I am assuming relates to those that receive programmes immediately, live. Is "totale" perhaps those that receive programmes but on all channels. I'm mystified. SACEM's website doesn't help much.

Thanks in advance.
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    Can you provide an excerpt, because I am mystified too :)
    Au titre de droit d’exécution publique
    (and then it lists various dates with percentage rates that applied for the different periods).
    appliqué sur
    a) pour la diffusion directe par satellite en Europe:

    les recettes des Contractants telle que définies au para 1. a) ci-dessus
    multiplié par le nombre de foyers en réception directe
    divisé par le nombre de foyers en réception totale.



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    At first, I was really baffled by the calculation; based on the name itself, we can guesstimate that the number of "totale" is bigger than the number of "directe". What type of calculation is that to end up with a %? Here is my interpretation; I'd say that "reception directe"is in line with "diffusion directe par sattelite", meaning homes receiving the satellite broadcast. "Reception total" would mean the total number of homes receiving the channel(s) through all the broadcasting means. The calculation would give the % of homes receiving channel(s) through satellite multiply by the total takings of the contracting parties which are the takings obtained through the satellite broadcasting. Does it make sense with the rest of the document?


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    The receipts of the contracting parties as defined in Para 1 a) depend on advertising revenue and programme sponsorshop deals. I don't want to type it all out here though. This is then multiplied by a range of percentages that average 0.25% then multiplied by the N° of households receiving "en directe" and then divided by the N° of households receiving "en totale". I don't see how the Contracting parties can know how many households receive the transmission by means other than a satellite subscription. Unless it's just taken as the N° of people paying "redevance audiovisuel", pretty much all households. It's a contract dated 1996 so perhaps things have changed since then. Bit of a nightmare!
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