Réception et décompte des travaux


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I am translating an agreement between a Contractor and a building firm. The phrase 'Réception et décompte des travaux' features and I am finding it hard to fully understand and then translate this into English.

IATE gives this as Contract Measurement and Payment, however I have my doubts. There is little context I can provide as this simply appears in a list of tasks to be achieved, rather than in a sentence. For some idea, the other tasks which feature include:

Plans d'exécution des ouvrages (PEO) - Working drawings
Dossier de consultation des entreprises (DCE) - Tender documents
Assistance au marché de travaux (AMT) - Supervision of tender procedure
Contrôle général des travaux (CGT) - Construction supervision

Could it perhaps be something like 'Acceptance and analysis/breakdown of contractual work' ?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I can only give my guesses, so please don't base your translation on me alone, but the breakdown part seems to fit; I think they mean "step 1: done, step 2: done, step 3: pending". As for "réception", I would guess they mean receiving the service; in other words, the work being done.

    But it sounds like the kind of French way of saying things that I am not used to (cela dit sans malice).


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    I'm looking for the translation of "Réception des travaux".

    For a better undestanding of this page, "Reception et décompte des travaux" is when both contractors meet, one says : "here is the work I've done for you, here are the documents I owe you", the other one says : "ok, I agree you've done it as required, I accept the work". Next step of the project is sending invoice.

    Translation could be "accepting work done and counting what is to be invoiced", but if someone has a more acurate and professional translation, he will be welcome.
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