Réception, pesée et déchargement de la canne à sucre

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Hi, all you geniuses out there :D

The context is a rum distillery in the French West Indies. Tourist get to visit the site where there are signs explaining the different steps going into the making of rum.
The first step is "Réception, pesée et déchargement de la canne à sucre".
In this context, would "Arrival, weighing and unloading the sugar cane". Would delivery be better than arrival?
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    Yes, this is something I was wondering about: would you not weigh the sugar cane AFTER unloading?


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    Le processus de "livraison" n'englobe-t-il pas la réception, la pesée et le déchargement?
    I agree. "Réception" here is the act of formally taking possession of the goods (generally by signing a receipt), which is indeed a sub-activity of the overall delivery process.

    The equivalent term in English is "receipt (of goods)", so I would go with "Receipt, weighing and unloading..."

    And I agree it would seem more logical to unload, weigh and THEN sign the receipt....


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    Thanks for all your input.

    Actually, strangely enough, the sugar cane is weighed on the vehicle transporting it, whether it be a regular truck or more traditionally, on ox-driven carts. The weight of the vehicle is deducted from the total weight to give the weight of the sugar cane.
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