Hi, can anyone help me with the words 'réception' and 'réserves' in this sentence. The context is consumer law....

'Qu'une réception dite 'provisoire', assortie de quelques réserves, a été signée le xxx juin 1989....'

The situation involves two companies who have just agreed to work together on a construction project. Does 'réception' refer to a meeting they have had to discuss the terms? Similarly, does 'réserves' refer to possible concerns they may have had before entering into an agreement?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I'd say "réception" here means some kind of first step to an agreement. This is not a meeting.
    Adn "réserves" means that some points still need to be discussed before the final agreement. I think this has the same meaning as "having reservations about something".
    Hope that helps.


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    Good day ! Two definitions could fit the word "réception" in french :
    1. Cérémonie par laquelle une personne est installée dans une charge ou reçue dans une compagnie. La réception d'un officier. and
    2. Action d'approuver, après examen, des constructions, des chemins de fer, etc. La réception des travaux.
    As for "réserves", it is indeed "reservations"
    Hope it helps.


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    "Reception " can have several meanings: generally, it is used to speak about recieving a parcel, a letter for example.

    But it has a professional more specific meaning as well. For example, if a firm is constructing a house for you, the day they have finished and you go there to see if the work has been done correctly and to get the keys is called "le jour de reception". If you notice anything wrong, you note it: these are "les réserves". It means you accept to sign the agreement if some conditions (les réserves) are satisfied.

    In your case one of the company must be a client of the other. A temporary document has been signed when the work/goods/service was delivered in juin 1989, with some remarks which have to find answers to definitelly accept the deal.

    I hope it helps :)