Réceptionner provisoirement

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Hi everyone,

I'm having some difficulty with the following (it's in a numbered list, so no further context)

Réceptionner provisoirement les travaux de construction.

None of the Wordreference suggestions make sense in the sentence so I'm at a loss as to what it means beyond perhaps "Perform interim check on the construction projects."

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

The heading is "Activités relatives à la construction des ouvrages"
- Lancer les travaux
- Réceptionner provisoirement les travaux
- Réceptionner définitivement les travaux
- Inaugurer les travaux

Thanks again!
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  • mally pense

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    I'm no expert here, but it looks to me as if Réceptionner is being used in the sense of Acceptance, i.e.

    Provisional acceptance of the work(s)
    Final acceptance of the the work(s)


    (where acceptance = acceptation)
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    Works for me; acceptance it is!

    No worries :) Like I said, all help is appreciated!


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    A 3 year late answer!! Not too bad!!

    So, I think acceptance could fit in some case but I wanted to suggest another translation which could be relevant in this kind of construction context : Handover. Indeed, in construction project, "reception" is a step linked to the fact that users move in the building. So the "reception" is a formal way to transfer (or handover!) responsabilities. In my current construction projet in a well-known american company, it is what we are using... But every project is different...

    Thank you to all wordreference contributors!!!!
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