réceptionner un échafaudage

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L'objectif de formation est d'acquérir les connaissances et le savoir-faire nécessaires pour réceptionner des
échafaudages (fixes et roulants).

Hi there, I'm having problems with this verb. I found some meanings, but they don't fit the context.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot
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    hokuspp, I was thinking of the same thing, but how much do you need to know to receive scaffolds when they are delivered??? :))
    That's what is bothering me

    I just received the other answers. Thanks a lot, but the above mentioned dillemma remains :)


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    You have probably to know what to check (have I received all parts? Are the parts in good shape? etc.) before to sign for reception.


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    For future readers, I confirm that, in the case of scaffolding, "réceptionner" means that you check that the scaffolding has been put together / built according to safety standards. So, "réceptionner un échaffaudage" must be done by someone who has been trained for it.

    So I guess, "check and sign for" is more appropriate, here.
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