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Hi there!
I m trying to reach the editor in chief of a television channel.
I am afraid the phrase "editor in chief" is specialised for newspapers or writing stuff. What do you think?
  • rafipro

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    France and French
    thanks for answering!
    well i am not sure because i think that "producer" is for the person in charge with doing the content, whereas "rédacteur en chef" is the guy who says "ok we take that subject and we put it in first place"


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    I am trying to translate a list of titles and am unsure of how to handle "redactor en chef" and "directeur de la rédaction." I think there may be differences in job description from the French context to the English.

    In this organization (and I think from what I've read, in French editorial orgs in general?) the "directeur de la rédaction" is the head of the whole publication and *is the boss of* the "rédacteur en chef."

    The obvious English equivalent for "rédacteur en chef" is "editor in chief." The complicating thing, however, is that in English, however (at least North American English), the editor in chief is the boss of the whole publication, and therefore would be more analogous to "directeur de la rédaction" (I think?).

    Does anyone have any insight on these two terms as used in European French and European English? I am a Canadian English speaker and wonder if there are regional differences in terms used even within English.

    (Edit to add: this organization ALSO has a "Directeur de la publication," which I am unsure of as well, in relation to the other two terms)

    Also - does anyone have any terminological resources that are European specific that might be a helpful reference?

    Thank you!


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    It's true that usually the 'directeur de la rédaction' is above the 'rédacteur en chef', but it seems it can be sometimes the same person. A 'directeur de la rédaction' can be also an editor. I found 'managing editor' for 'directeur de la rédaction', I dont know if it fits. Maybe there can be differences depending on whether you work in a big or small newspaper, whether you can afford a big team.
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