référentiel de connaissances


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Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me translating this term? The context is pedagogical/education: Think it may mean "referential of knowldege"

"référentiel de connaissances"

Merci d'avance
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    Reading through that link, the term seems to mean the ensemble of materials available to a teacher/trainer for a particular course - there's got to be something along the lines of "Teachers' Support[ing] Material", "Course Materials" or somesuch you could come up with...


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    "Un référentiel de connaissances correspond à l’ensemble des ressources mises à disposition d’un concepteur pédagogique pour élaborer le contenu d’une formation ou d’une évaluation : documentations techniques, supports de formation existants, fiches produit, livre blanc"

    "Curriculum organizers" is the term in use where I live, but there certainly may be other terms that apply depending on the country of origin.