Régime des études universitaires

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  1. daltonewton Member

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    Hello English speakers!

    Since some days, I’ve been translating my own diploma from French to English, which is not an easy task! The following sentence might be one of the hardest you will ever see here!

    This is the original sentence in French :

    "En foi de quoi, nous lui délivrons le présent diplôme, attestant que les prescriptions du décret du 5 septembre 1994 relatif au régime des études universitaires et des grades académiques quant aux conditions d’accès, aux programmes, à la durée des études et aux examens ont été observées."

    This is my try in English:

    "In testimony whereof, we deliver the current diploma, attesting that prescriptions (or “instruction”?) of the decree of the 5th of September 1994 regarding (or “about”?) the regime (or “system”?) of the college (or “university”?) studies and the academic grades (or “level”, “qualification”?) about the access conditions, programs, and lengths of the studies and exams have been respected."

    If you have any idea to make it better, don't hesitate to give me your ideas!
  2. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    ...attesting that the requirements of the Decree of 05 September 1994 on university studies/higher education and academic degrees, insofar as program access, length of study programs and examinations are concerned, have been complied with.

    ...which attests that the requirements of the Decree of September 5, 1994 concerning university education and academic degrees, as they regard entrance requirements to study programs, their duration, and admittance to examinations, have been complied with.
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  3. daltonewton Member

    French (Belgian)
    Tout simplement exceptionnel ! You must have a trick! :)

    Merci infiniment à toi, bh7, pour ces deux phrases écrites en prose parfaite !
  4. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    I thought we said - award for délivrer?
  5. daltonewton Member

    French (Belgian)
    So it says: "In testimony whereof, we award the current diploma"?
  6. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    In testimony whereof we award / grant him the present diploma / degree...
  7. daltonewton Member

    French (Belgian)
    Thanks again for your answers, bh7. Have a nice day.

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