Régime stationnaire

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  1. Sono New Member

    French (France)
    I would like to know how to say "régime stationnaire" in English. I have in mind a sentence like:
    Little discrepancies may be observed when coming near the stationary regime. The French translation is:
    On peut observer de petites disparités lorsque l'on se rapproche du régime stationnaire.

    It's about a system which evolves in time according to a stochastic process. When time goes to infinity, the system becomes more and more stable, and its evolution comes nearer and nearer from some so-called "régime stationnaire".

    Can "stationary regime" here fit with such a context?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. kme

    kme Senior Member

    i don't have a straight answer, sorry, i would use also "stationary" but i don't think "regime" is the word to use in english... unfortunately, i don't have anything to propose.

    So NATIVES !!! please we need your help !
  3. Sono New Member

    French (France)
    Thanks kme. The point is on "régime" indeed. So, any other idea somebody?
  4. Leftcoaster Member

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    I think "...when approaching the stationary mode or state" might sound a bit clearer.
  5. cropje_jnr

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    :thumbsup: Agreed. Certainly, Anglophones don't tend to associate the word 'regime' with anything but the ruling group of a society (or some subset of it with a comparable structure).
  6. Sono New Member

    French (France)
    "Stationary mode" sounds good to me, but not "Stationary state". Indeed, the stationary behaviour here still is random and does not correspond to a fixed state.
    Thanks for your help!
  7. bbkf New Member

    I was also looking for this definition concerning a software process and I got the answer from a friend : "steady state"
  8. prinjon Senior Member

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    French from Paris area
    Steady state confirmed

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