régimen jurídico

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    Hola a todos!
    Tengo que traducir la siguiente cláusula que me resulta un poco complicada, si podeis ayudarme, os lo agradecería:

    "Su régimen jurídico es el de un contrato de arrendamiento de servicios de los previstos en la legislación civil y mercantil española, con expresa exclusión de relación laboral entre la ARRENDADORA y la ARRENDATARIA."

    Legal regime applied is the service contract regime ruled by the civil and commercial law, with express exclusion of working relationship between the Customer and the Service Provider.

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  2. Logophilus

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    Is this a Renter's Contract?

    If so, it would go something like

    "It's legal extent (scope) is that of a Service Leasing Agreement pursuant to the civil and commercial legislation of Spain and expressly excludes any business (commercial) relationship between OWNER and TENANT."

    Alternatives in ().

  3. Elva Member

    It is not a exctly a lease. It is a service contract or service agreement. I have seen these two names. This person is hired to provide a service to us. Does it make any sense?
    Thank you!!!!!

  4. Logophilus

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    Could it be called a Subcontractor Agreement or Contractor Agreement? I apologize for rushing in...perhaps you could give more details as to the nature of the business relationship between the two parties.

  5. Elva Member

    Don´t worry, thank you for your time!
    It is a contract between a company and a consultant who is going to give it advice in certain cases, so the relationship is not a working relationship, this is a service contract and I would like to emphasize that it is not a working relationship.
    I hope is clearer now.
    Thank you again!


  6. ESE Member

    Español - Islas Canarias
    Arrendamiento de servicios = (uk) contract for service.

    Hope it helps!
  7. spandph

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    I think there must be a better translation for "regimen" in the legal sense. For example, on a marriage certificate, when it says "Regimen Patrimonial" that refers to the division of property in the event of a divorce, therefore It would translate as something like "Property protocol" or "Property division procedure" ?

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