régimes d’accumulation de capital


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Énoncé des procédures et
des politiques de placements
pour les régimes d’accumulation de capital
des employés à salaire horaire de Québec ABC Ltd.

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for Capital Accumulation Plan for Quebec Hourly Employees
ABC Ltd.

Does this mean capital accumulation plan? Could it also be called a pension plan? This is the title of a document on an employee pension plan. Thanks for any assistance.
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    régime d'accumulation de capital : type of pension plan in which the periodic contributions are known but the actual amount of the pension to be paid is uncertain (i.e., it depends on the amount of capital accumulated at retirement date and other as yet unknown variables). The best-known example is the defined-contribution pension plan.

    Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for the Defined Contribution Pension Plan*) of hourly paid employees in Québec of ABC Ltd.

    *) I just noticed that on the English version of the above-quoted site, the term "capital accumulation plan" is in fact used. Since this is official Québec terminology and your text relates to Québec, you should probably stick to this term (which has a somewhat different meaning in the rest of Canada).
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