répartition de charge (informatique)


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Hello everyone,

I just would like to know how to say "répartition de charge" when talking about a network. (my context: a network divided into two "lines". In some cases one "line" is used as master and the other as a backup. In the case I'm dealing with, both are used, there is no reserved backup line. Sorry for the explanation, I'm an IT dummy...)
Would it be something like: bandwidth distribution?

Any native IT expert who could help me?
Many thanks in advance
  • Thank you very much for your answer.
    In the meantime I also found on: commentcamarche.net
    load balancing
    Then, Elsouljacker, would you agree with the commentcamarche.net proposition?

    Thanks for your help
    Hello! i am looking to translate "charge informatique répartie sur des serveurs distants". would that be "computing load distributed to remote servers"?

    Thanks in advance!!