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    Hello !

    I am looking for an english translation of "réplicat" to be used in a scientific context.

    Two "réplicats" are two similar samples (here, cell cultures derived from one original culture) in an experiment ; the goal is to control the variability of the results.

    I can't find a translation in dictionnaries. I know the english word "replica" but it does not seem to apply here (it means "réplique").

    Any suggestion ?
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    reply is an obscure meaning of replica...

    replica [ˈrɛplɪkə]

    n an exact copy or reproduction, esp on a smaller scale ( http://www.thefreedictionary.com/replica )

    And 'replicate' also exists as a noun.
  3. Natal83 Member

    I did not know "replicate" could be used as a noun. However Wikipedia says : "in an experiment a replicate test is a fully repeated set of test conditions" and "replication is the repetition of an experimental condition so that the variability associated with the phenomenon can be estimated" so "a replicate" should be OK.

    Thanks !

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