révèle toute la qualité des opérations menées jusqu’ici

Hello everyone,
The context is the CEO of a multi-national, arriving to manage a plant which is currently under construction. Work has been carried out for the last two years and he's now arrived to take over the reigns.
Hes writing in the company newsletter and has said what a privilege it is to be taking over this position. He then continues:
"Arriver sur un chantier où s’activent près de 4000 personnes réparties entre les travaux préparatoires d’extraction du minerai sur le massif, l’assemblage des modules de l’usine pyrométallurgique, le montage de la centrale électrique et l’aménagement des zones techniques liées à ces infrastructures, révèle toute la qualité des opérations menées jusqu’ici et qui connaîtront donc bientôt leur épilogue."
I'm having problems putting the sentence together in English to try and convey what he's saying.
My attempt:
To arrive at the site itself, where nearly 4,000 people are busy working on preliminary ore extraction work at the massif, assembling the plant modules, building the power plant and working in the technical areas linked to the infrastructure, is to fully appreciate the quality of the operations carried out until now and which will soon be reaching completion.
I'm really having a problem with the underlined phrase. Could anyone help me, please?
  • Yulan

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    Bonjour Francais2English :)

    I'm not a native, but I'd say:

    "... révèle toute la qualité des opérations menées jusqu’ici "

    "(what above said) ... shows/demonstrates/proves the high quality of the operations that have been carried out so far"

    Tchao :)
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