Rêve v. Songe

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    nope...c'est la même chose
    rêve/songe > Assemblage involontaire d’images et d’idées, souvent incohérentes, parfois nettes et suivies, qui se présentent à l’esprit pendant le sommeil.


    British English
    As I understand it, a 'rêve' is specifically something you do when you are asleep, and a 'songe' can be a fantasy. If I'm wrong I hope a native will correct me.


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    that's what i thought but then i've looked in the dictionnay and apparently both have the same meaning : whether you're asleep or not actually...


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    France, Français
    As for the dream meaning, songe and dream are the same - only songe is more litterary. If you say "cette nuit, j'ai fait un songe", one would expect something more unusual than a simple dream...
    e.g., The French Bible relates le songe de Jacob, not le rêve de...

    Now, songer also means to think, to consider :
    Quand j'y songe, traducteur est un beau métier
    Je songe à abandonner mon métier de traducteur


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    This was my doubt as well, dreaming while being asleep versus awake (day-dreaming). My dictionary indicated the meaning is identical, but I wondered if, as JeanDeSponde indicated, there are certain situations where one word is more appropriate than the other.