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  1. gjuhetar Senior Member

    What does růž usually mean?
    If one says just růž, is it lipstick or blusher?
    To my knowledge it means blusher, but some dictionaries say it also means lipstick, so I ask this.
    Or, regardless of what it generally refers to, is the word somewhat outdated?
  2. K.u.r.t Senior Member

    London, UK
    It means lipstick. The term has not been used recently. I recall reading it in pre world war II detective books. The contemporary term is rtěnka.
  3. Emys Senior Member

    In my opinion it means blusher rather than lipstick.
    Lipstick was called "růž na rty" and this term is not used know.
    But I think it is still used for blusher now and then because I can't recall any other common name for that.
  4. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    If you look at this make-up school page, gjuhetar, you'll see that růž is used pretty much as a synonym for tvářenka. Take the following passage, for example:

    "Po nanesení make-upu nezapomínejte svou pleť chránit pudrem. Pudrová růž na něj daleko lépe chytá. Růže nanášíme štětcem. Ty s dlouhým chlupem nám budou růž roztírat tzv. do ztracena, měkce a plynule bez ostrých hran..."

    "After applying make-up, don't forget to protect your skin with a powder. A powder blusher stays on much better. Apply the blusher with a brush. A long brush will fade the rouge out gently and evenly without leaving tide marks..."

    Here, you can substitute "rouge" for "blusher"; the meaning would be the same. And if you Google štětec na růž and štětec na tvářenku, the pictures are the same - blusher brush, or rouge brush. So I second Emys's comments.
  5. Garin

    Garin Senior Member

    For my grandmom, "růž" was always a lipstick, while blusher was "zdravíčko" :)

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