R-31 David, Sherman Code 6 at the Sixth Street Bridge and Santa Fe on electrical disturbance.

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A cop arrives at a place and sees some strange electrical disturbance. He talks over the radio station:
He: R-31 David, Sherman Code 6 at the Sixth Street Bridge and Santa Fe on electrical disturbance.
To him: Ten-four, R-31 David.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, movie

Could you please explain to me the cop's line, especially the red part.

1. Is "Sherman" his surname?

2. What does "code 6" mean here? If found in Common Police Scanner Codes that "code 6" is "stay out of area", but still -- what does it mean?

3. What does "on" mean?

Thank you.
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    1. The way the line is delivered (of course this could be wrong by the actor), it sounds like "Sherman Code", so this is a type of code, rather than his name (unfortunately the video isn't clear enough to make out his name badge). He gives his unit name (R-31 David), so I don't think he'd give his surname as well.

    2. Code 6: unit has arrived to location, officers investigating
    • Code 6-Adam: unit has arrived, may need further assistance from nearby units
    • Code 6-Charles: Dangerous suspect (usually felony want or warrant reported); one-officer units stand-by for assistance
    3. The subtitles say "on electrical disturbance", but listening to the actor I really can't decide if he is saying "on" or "an". If it is supposed to be on, then, while it sounds odd, it may be just either shorthand or the manner in which the LAPD say things: "reporting/acting on electrical disturbance". The Spanish subtitles say "there is an electrical disturbance", so that makes me think it ought to be "an".


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    This is the screenwriter's attempt to write what a police officer might say over the radio. It seems to be a mixture of both real radio codes used in California, and imaginary jargon.

    1. Is "Sherman" his surname?
    Probably not. It is probably supposed to be some sort of radio code, but it has no real meaning.

    2. What does "code 6" mean here?
    In the Los Angeles Police Department, "code 6" means "I have arrived on the scene." Note that this is not universal police usage in the United States.

    3. What does "on" mean?
    The officer has been assigned by the dispatcher to investigate a report of an "electrical disturbance". He has saying that he is at that location for the assigned reason.
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