R-I-double-P-E-D / a seven-pack at least

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    A girl is talking on the phone:
    -- He's, like, R-I-double-P-E-D. Like, a seven-pack at least. Yeah, she totally doesn't deserve him. I mean, she's nice and I really like her, but she's a complete loser.
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    How do I understand the pink part? No more context:)
    Thank you.
  2. se16teddy

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    Ripped can mean visibly muscly.

    A six pack is the shape of a visibly muscly tummy. A seven-pack is a hyperbolic variant.
  3. pob14 Senior Member

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    R-I-P-P-E-D. Ripped. Full of well-defined muscles, with abdominal muscles that look so good they're actually better than a six-pack (see Collins definition 2; abdominal muscles, when well-toned, resemble six cans of beer). "Seven-pack" is intended as an intensified version of "six-pack," but doesn't actually make any sense; that's the joke.

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  4. Ripped means someone very fit, with well defined muscles, like a body builder, but not so exaggerated. Seven-pack must be an exaggeration for a six-pack that is how you call the abdominal muscles of a very fit person.

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    Thank you all:)

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