R123 billion ?


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I want to understand the word "R123 billion", which was found in the article about the Railway company.

There is a sentence "Some of the greatest buzz is around the railway operator and its R123 billion rolling stock renewal fleet programme."

This sentence was found at
https://www.prasa.com/Fleet Renewal Programme.html

Can anybody explain the meaning of the word "R123 billion"?
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    Thanks for your reply, SwissPete.

    I have no idea about the "R" here.
    I found the words "R123 billion" in the articles about the South Africa's Railway Company so often, but there is no explanation about the word.
    Is it a kind of technical term?


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    The currency in South Africa is the rand. R is the symbol for rand.

    The South African rand replaced the pound sterling in 1961 at the rate of R2 to £1.
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