Rabbits are generous, honest, pure(,) graceful creatures. [punctuation]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by JungKim, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. JungKim Senior Member

    This is a line from the movie 'Peter Rabbit' (wikiquote):
    Rabbits are generous, honest, pure graceful creatures.

    Shouldn't there be a comma after pure?
    Rabbits are generous, honest, pure, graceful creatures.

    I've checked other sites but none had the comma there.
  2. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    English English
    I would definitely have that extra comma, JK.

    Did you check other quote sites or have you found the actual script online? (I wouldn't call either type of text particularly reliable ...:cool:)
  3. Andygc

    Andygc Senior Member

    British English
    Plagiarism is common on the internet.
  4. JungKim Senior Member

    I've checked other quote sites, this movie review, and even this Sony Pictures UK Twitter.
    But no, there's no actual script online available yet that I know of.
  5. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

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    As Andy says, the internet is full of people plagiarizing one another's mistakes ~ posters on song lyrics sites are particularly good at this:mad:

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