raccolta differenziata dei rifiuti

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by fioralivi, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. fioralivi New Member

    Italy - Italian
    Ciao! Come posso tradurre "raccolta differenziata dei rifiuti"?
    Ho trovato "differentiate" per differenziata...
    Differentiate waste collect?? ... very odd!
    Grazie a chiunque saprà darmi una mano con questa traduzione !
  2. pescara Senior Member

    Ciao e benvenuto/a.

    If I understand raccolta differenziata dei rifuiti, you are talking about separating the various types of waste so that some of it can be recycled. If this is correct, I would say: sorted waste collection.

  3. giovannino

    giovannino Senior Member

    Naples, Italy
    Italian, Neapolitan
    Ho trovato anche selective waste/garbage collection.
  4. 8kappina8 New Member

    Italy - Italian
    separate collection...fonte: una mia prof interprete quindi vai tranquillo/a!!
  5. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    OK, but I have a feeling that, in actual usage, one would probably prefer to say something like:

    "Do you recycle your rubbish [BE] (or trash/garbage [AE])?"
    "How much waste do people recycle in your part of Italy?"

    Corresponding to:
    "Quanto e' diffusa la raccolta differenziata dalle tue parti?"

    In other words, it's more normal in English to use a word like recycle, rather than refer to the action of garbage collectors in "collecting" "separate" categories of refuse. If you see what I mean.
  6. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Agree with Gavin (even though more than four years later;)) on recycling as the best option to translate 'raccolta differenziata'. I've just happened to read an email about a Garbage Audit carried out at the Canadian subsidiary of my company and they use this term (along with 'recycling program').
    By the way, the 'percentuale di raccolta differenziata' (which is the amount of waste that is recycled and not sent to the
    landfill) is called diversion rate.
  7. Lorena1970

    Lorena1970 Banned

    Italy, Italiano
    I agree with Gavin too! In London at least when you ask someone "Fate la raccolta differenziata?" you say (colloquially) "Do you recycle ?"
  8. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Hi Lorena - we also say "recyle/recycling" in everyday normal conversation. But for more technical purposes, "differentiated waste collection" is also very common.

    Here we have to separate our recyclables, according to type: - here's an example:

    comingled means glass, aluminum, certain types of recyclable plastic (like juice bottles, water bottles, etc.)
  9. Benzene

    Benzene Senior Member

    Italian from Italy
    I am proposing in addition the following terms: "selective waste collection, selective waste sorting and separately collected fractions".



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