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I'm translating into Spanish a videogame about spaceships, in which one can choose different ships with different characteristics and battle with them.

In one of the features it talks about the chaff for avoiding radar detection.

The first sentences is "Chaff are strips of aluminum that create false returns on an enemy's radar". That sentence was translated without a problem.

But the following sentence says: "This clutter causes a radar lock break. Enemy's weapons do not aim for your ship". At first I wasn't sure what radar lock is, but according to wikipedia, radar lock-on is a feature of many radar systems that allow it to automatically follow a selected target.

The problem is that I can't find the Spanish precise term for "radar lock-on" and "radar lock break".

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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    My suggestion for radar lock: adquisición de radar.
    "Radares tridimensionales de seguimiento" are able to follow the 3-D trajectory of an airplane.
    In Spanish military terms, "adquisición" is used for selecting one specific airplane to be followed by radar or infrared technology.
    A missile could have one of these technologies built-in, which calculates and guides its 3-D trajectory to intersect the target, or it could be guided by radio from an independent radar station that acquires and follows (locks-on) the target to be destroyed.

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