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    I have a few questions concerning radicals.

    How do you feel is the best way to learn radicals and to differentiate their various readings (example, can be either かんにょう or うけばこ) and meanings (example, I've seen 士 referred to as samurai or gentleman.)

    Thanks for your help.

    Love, Alex
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    I think you would have to learn radicals the same as any kanji, by memorizing multiple readings and multiple meanings. The only difference is that the pictographic origin is more clear.
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    tripoodo, are you sure that when you say "radical" you don't actually just mean "kanji." Knowing that the radical "凵" exists can be useful if you need to look up a kanji manually in a kanji dictionary, but knowing that it can be pronouned "かんにょう" or "うけばこ" is something that I doubt most Japanese people know and I don't think it's very useful information unless you're doing a very specialized study of the language.

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