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    Hello again! I'm still trying to learn this gorgeous language, and since I am obsessed with O-Zone and especially that gorgeous boy, Arsenium, I've found the best way for me is to translate their catchy songs. The method I'm using consists in Googling the song's lyrics în Româneşte, then taking a shot at translating it myself (my experience with Spanish, which I speak fluently, helps a lot here), Googling the translation, writing both down in my notebook and then reading and rereading the original lyrics and the Googled translation. But my problem is that none of the Googled lyrics seem to have the diacritical marks; those that do never seem to agree on where they should be placed, and the translations never agree anyway. So I would like to obtain the help of a native speaker with my latest obsession, RadU Sîrbu's "Doi Străini", which I know means "Two Strangers".

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    P.S. I know that in Romanian the letters â and î have the same sound, but for aesthetic reasons î is used at the beginning and end of words, while â is used in the middle, am I right? If so, then why is RadU's last name usually spelled Sîrbu? If this rule were followed, wouldn't he be RadU Sârbu instead?
    Thanks again! And sorry for the long post :(
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    To be honest with you, the post is far too long to be fully answered (to your questions) by a single person. Anyway, you seem to have more questions than normal rules here (translation, phonetics , spelling, historical viewpoints, a.s. o.).
    1.Therefore, I would answer that the 2X is correct and SÎrbu is written that way because we did not use to have 'â' rule in the communist era. When spelling changed â' for 'î' in certain positions, the family names were not to be changed officially.
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