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Hello everybody

I am having troubles translating the following:" Diede prova di ragionamenti sofisticati e di un livello di consapevolezza mai espresso in mia presenza fino a quel momento". We are talking about a woman who is having a session with a psychologist. My try is the following: "Her thinking was complex and she proved capable of a level of understanding and awareness never shown in my presence before." I am not convinced by "complex" as a translation for "sofisticati" (which is here meant in its positive meaning, of course). Also, the rest of the phrase doesn't quite sound native to me either : (
What do you think?

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    I think using sophisticated thinking here is fine. Instead of "proved capable" I find "demonstrated" more natural.
    Her thinking was sophisticated and she demonstrated a level of awareness...

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    She demonstrated (a certain) sophistication in her reasoning and a level of awareness I’d never seen before might also work as a loose translation. :)
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