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    I came to know of this name after my son introduced me to Formula 1 racing and informed me of a F1 driver with the name Raikkonen. I immediately fell for this name and developed a liking because it showed roots to my mother tongue Thamizh, which is a classical language in its own right. The intution got further strengthened when I came across in Spanish forum about a discussion as to whether "Raikkonen" means "Royal Crown".

    In order to convey the meaning of the phrase "King of Kings"(Eng), we have other phrases "Raaja Raajan"(Thamizh , Sanskrit) and "Mannar Mannan" (Thamizh). The latter two phrases mean the first phrase mentioned in English. In Thamizh we have many words like "Arayan" , " Arasan", "Koe" , "Kone", "Kottrran", "Kottrravan", "Mannan" , "Vaenthan" etc conveying the meaning "King". Many names such as "Rai" , "Ray" and "Roy" and those like "Aryan" and "Arjan" also are probably derived from the word "Arayan".

    Now the word "Raikkonen " is unique in the sense that it conveys the meaning "King of Kings" using two different words meaning "king", unlike the examples given at the beginning of second para above. The word must have originally had the shape "Arayarkkone" which as time passed could have distorted or settled to the present form which is being discussed.

    If you also take into account of the hypothesis that probably there was one common language from which the languages spoken in Europe and Asia have emanated you will that this etymology works fine and facts fall in place.

    Colonel V R Villavankothai (Retired)
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