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"Railroading refers to the way a fabric, usually a pattern, is milled. Normally a bolt of fabric features the top of a pattern going up the roll. However, a railroaded fabric will have the top of the pattern going across the roll. This provides a continuous roll of the pattern, making it possible to upholster a large sofa, headboard, cushion or draperies without creating seams or a break in the pattern."

¿Alguien conoce el término en español? ¿Existe tal término en español?
What is Railroaded Fabric? | OFS Maker's Mill
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    I found the following translations, which may or may not be good, but they imply that there is no Spanish term.

    Railroaded fabric: The design is orientated to run along the width of the fabric (selvedge to selvedge) so that you must turn the roll 90 degrees to show the design running the correct way.
    El término tela 'railroaded': El diseño se orienta para correr por el ancho de la tela (orillo a orillo) que quiere decir que para mostrar el diseño a la orientación correcta, es necesario darle la vuelta de 90 grados.

    Some stripe designs and wide width curtain fabrics are often railroaded avoiding the need for seams.
    Algunos dibujos rayados y telas de cortinas de doble ancho suelen ser a la orientación 'railroaded' lo que evita la necesidad de costuras.

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    Creo que podría ser "cortar a contrahílo". Disponer la tela a contrahílo.

    a contrahílo
    1. loc. adv. En dirección opuesta al hilo al tejer.

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