Rain struck them out of the turbulent night.

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Hi everyone,
in a novel by Eric Van Lustbader, a man and a woman have just kissed. They are outside, in a rainstorm.

“Don’t talk that way,” she whispered into his mouth. Rain struck them out of the turbulent night. “If I thought you’d ever become like me I'd die".

Now, them should refer to the two of them, since there are no plural nouns. But of all the meanings of strike out, none seems to do the trick (well, actually this is "strike out of", which is different). Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,
  • dojibear

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    Hello, Broca.

    The sentence is not using the idiom "strike out", by saying it "struck them out".

    Instead "rain struck them". Where did that rain come from? "Out of the turbulent night."

    Some writers would put "from" between the two phrases. This author did not.
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