raining very lightly


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- What would you say when it's not raining heavily, I mean just "light rain", is it "It's raining very lightly"?

Thanks so much!

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    Bigote Blanco's suggestion is good, and may be just what you are looking for.

    You may also want to look at this long thread which words for various kinds of light rain are discussed: kinds of rain.


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    Yes, I would have said drizzling... and for really, really, really light rain, we say it's misting -- that's when the mist gets fat enough that gravity can grab hold of it and bring it to earth. I mention this because "misting" is not a term I saw in either thread (thanks, Cagey).

    And by "we," I mean all those people I grew up with in the Midwest. :)

    Bigote Blanco

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    "light rain and mist" is a common description of current weather. "We" say that in both the Midwest and in Hong Kong:). We can reasonably assume it carries the same description in Singapore.

    "Current conditions in Hong Kong are light rain and mist. Tomorrow it is expected to be clear to partly cloudy"
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