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(Though further inverstigation about organ transplant of the body was needed, the coronor released the body to a mortuary.)
An investigator said to the coroner, "The whole transplant thing didn't raise a flag?"

Does "to raise a flag" mean "bring something to someone's notice" or "refuse to do something"?
I want to know the exact meaning of "to raise a flag."
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    That's the impression I get. If a process doesn't raise any flags, then that means that nobody noticed anything unusual, that there were no warning signs of anything bad happening.

    I think that "to raise a flag" has a negative connotation, that something bad is happening. Certainly if you were "to raise a red flag", this would mean to bring something bad to someone's attention.


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    When you put an important date on your calender, or send an important e mail, you flag it. It just means you mark it as important. In this context raising a flag means thinking that something is important. Did the coroner not get suspicious about the transplant? Did the transplant not cause the coroner to think there was something important that he may have overlooked?


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    Often you will hear "raise a red flag" if something should be a cause for attention or for concern.
    Red flags have, prior to their relationship to Socialism or Communism, historically been associated with distress and to fighting to the bitter end, never surrendering or showing no mercy.