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The Big Bang Theory Season 06 Episode 07

Sheldon just comes back from dinner. Earlier Wil Wheaton called Amy a pain in the ass. So Amy got huffy and left. Then Sheldon and Wil headed out for dinner. (Sheldon and Amy are in a relationship)

Leonard: Hey, look who’s out after dark, like a big boy.
Sheldon: I was out raising heck with Mr. Wil Wheaton. Four hours more and we would have closed down the HomeTown Buffet.

Which does raise heck mean indead, to complain loudly and angrily or to go on a drinking spree?
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    Heck is a modification of hell.

    "Raising hell" in this context means to be loud and noisy, a boisterous occasion.
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    He was making a statement in general, to say they had a big night out. That may or may not have included drinking.
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