raise the roof or clear the floor

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    Thanks mylam. It's just that I am reading a text and I don't the idea of the final phrase.It says:
    Patty will learn how to dance. Her final challenge is to dance as a professional dancer in a club. Will she raise the roof or clear the floor?

    Que quiere decir esa frase?
    Gracias por tu pronta ayuda.


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    If the audience clap like mad and make lots of noise they can be said to 'raise the roof'. In this context 'to clear the floor' will be the opposite (everyone will turn their backs on her).



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    I think that "clear the floor" and "raise the roof" are used synonymously. When a couple of dancers clear the floor, it is because they are the best and others stop dancing to stare. Either that or they are the last selected contestants (think of the movie Grease, for instance).