raised at the Sana’a level

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The two trucks from Sana’a to Aden with emergency relief items are at the Al Rebat checkpoint in Lahj, outside Aden. The trucks contain 5,500 sleeping mats and around 500 mattresses. Negotiations for safe passage have been ongoing for several days and are highly challenging; the issue has been raised at the Sana’a level for passage.

What is meant by "the issue has been raised at the Sana’a level" here?

Source:Yemen Situation Update -UNHCR

  • Kirill V.

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    I understand they mean: the issue has been raised at the (high) level of officials in Sana (the capital)... In other words, the issue has been raised at the highest political level. Let's see how others (native speakers) read this


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    Yes, I agree: with the authorities in Sanaa, not merely with those on charge on the ground around Aden. It's an unusual way of saying this. Perhaps they didn't want to call the people in charge in Sanaa the national government, though they effectively are, as they're still unrecognized.

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    Hi rositakay, the security situation in Yemen is unstable, and the situation, as I understand it, is that the Houthi rebels now have control after sweeping away the government in Sana'a. So the Houthi rebels are not the international officlally recognised government, but they are the people in charge. The UN therefore doesn't want to use the word goverment, because
    (1) the Houthi rebels are not the legitimate officially recognised government and the UN doesn't want to appear to be giving the rebel regime legitimacy by referring to it as the government, and
    (2) if they said "government", people may think they mean the old swept-away government, which no longer controls movement in and out of Yemen in any case.

    So here, at the Sana'a level means at the level of the people who control movement in and out of Yemen - currently the Houthi rebels, but not the now overthrown legitimate "government".
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