Raison sociale : entreprise, particulier, association

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    I would like to translate "Raison sociale : entreprise, particulier, association" on my website in the registration form.

    Corporate name : company, private individual, association ???

    Thanks :)
  2. Keith Bradford

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    Strictly speaking, you're correct.

    But it seems that "raison sociale" here doesn't mean the name but the status? Unless they're two separate lines of the form?

    So that would give:

    Corporate status: company, private individual, voluntary body.

    Association is such a vague term that I think it's better to specify voluntary body (or voluntary group), which is the correct legal term.
  3. FunkyMonkey31 New Member

    Thank you !

    Yes my problem was the term "name" for a type or status. But I didn't find a website with this field in english lol.

    What about "Legal status" ?

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