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can anyone help me avec une traduction pour "raisons communes" in the sense of the concept theorized par le sociologue québécois Fernand Dumont? Je ne suis pas sure si "common reason", "common sense", "common goals", "mutual reason", "mutual goals" or whatever is the best equivalent... J'ai cherché sur l'internet pour quelque chose sur ce concept en anglais, mais j'ai rien trouvé... this is pretty specialized, but any help would be appreciated!

Merci d'avance!
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    Any help???
    I cant tell much on this subject but I found this:

    "In Raisons communes (Montreal, 1995), Fernand Dumont emphasizes the common goals that can underlie the vision of a democratic society. In his Plaidoyer pour le Québec (Montreal, 1995), Daniel Latouche outlines aspects of the particular logic of democracy in Quebec."
    In paragraph 29

    But then, I found this:

    "Latouche even praises federalism but, like many fellow nationalists, common sense is adandoned once romatisism takes over. Latouche argues that only a true political state will permit Quebec society to extend to the apex of its potential as a fully pluralistic entity. The argument finds its most complete and fullest expression in 1993 work by Fernand Dumont one of Quebec's most respected scholars....."
    end of page 6 and beggining of page 7

    Little but is all I got =S
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