1. Monkey fromage New Member

    Hello, i'd like to know if my meaning of "you better rally run" is correct. Does it means "you better run away" ?
  2. pyan

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    Hello Monkey fromage :).

    Could you give members the context. please. (Context is rule 3.)
    Who said this? Why? Where? When?

    "Rally run" could be a motorbike or car event.
    "You better rally run" could be a phonetic version of "you'd better really run". (Your meaning was based on this understanding.)
    There are other (less likely) possibilities. This is why we need the context.

    Pyan (as moderator)
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  3. Monkey fromage New Member

    Thank you for your answer Pyan, and sorry about the third rule :eek:
    Actually this is a part of a song, but it s a kind of jamaicain patois i guess :

    We ah say Jah
    Oh when I fight Rome
    better rally run and fight Rome
    When I rally come fi fight dem
    (and the 5th line, forbiden to be quoted is the same as the first)

    I thought about "really" and "rally" too... what do you think ?
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  4. pyan

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    Thanks Monkey fromage.

    Your guess that it is a sort of Jamaican patois is, I think, correct. My guess is that it is probably
    Rastafarian "dread talk". In this case the question would need to be asked in the "other languages" forum. (My experience of "dread talk" is limited to enjoying trying to understand the words of some Bob Marley songs - so I am not an expert.)

    It could, however, be someone's phonetic transcription of what I would call "fairly standard Jamaican English". In this case I would guess it could be either "rally round" or "really run".

    Do you have any information about the author/s?

    Edit: Good luck in your hunt for meaning.
  5. tonyspeed Senior Member

    English & Creole - Jamaica
    I am a native speaker of Jamaican Creole, and I have little idea of what this man is saying. Apparently, he is an American who sings reggae music with a band called Groundation.

    They do mean "rally around" in parts of this song. That's the most I can gather.

    The lyrics you have posted above are a guess at what he is saying, at best.
  6. Monkey fromage New Member

    Hello Tonyspped, thank for having "exhume" this post ! Well the band is CGroundatin indeed, and this song is from a side project band named "Rockamovia". They are from US right.
    But they dont sing "around" but "run". You can read the lyrics bellow :



    We ah say we are fighting
    We ah go fight dem ah dem
    We ah rally fi fight dem fight dem
    Fight dem I come we ah rally fi fight dem

    Well new ideas are welcome !
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