1. GregPQ Member

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    Hi all!

    I'm seeing this phrase in computer forums, e.g., l'iBook est vraiment génial ça c'est vrai, mais fait quand même gaffe à en prendre un minimum soin, sinon la petite bête se braque et ça rame un max.

    There are a lot of anglicisms in this arena, and I wonder if it could mean "max out your RAM memory"?

    À vous,
  2. FrenchGen Senior Member

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    there are a lot of slang in this sentence.
    "Ramer" means here : running slowly.
    "un max" means really a lot. (un max= un maximum=a lot)

    hope it helps
  3. GEmatt

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    The verb ramer means to row, paddle. Colloquially, it can be used to describe someone or something that is struggling or having difficulties (picture someone rowing against the current).

    Un max is one of several colloquial intensifiers, placed straight after the verb.
    Ça rame un max
    Ça rame sévère
    Ça rame grave
    ...all mean roughly the same thing.
  4. GregPQ Member

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    Thanks FrenchGen (cold enough for you?) and GEmatt!


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