Ranch, farm, fazenda

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Alaor Santos

Senior Member
Portuguese Brazil
I am reading a book (AmE) and the author uses a Brazilian word (the story takes place in the Pantanal, Brazil), fazenda /fah'zen.dah/ to refer to a 'farm' or 'ranch'. Well, on these fazendas we usually raise cattle or grow different kinds of plantations. Why did he not use 'farm' or 'ranch'?
  • rsweet

    Senior Member
    English, North America
    Hello Alaor Santos,

    I'd never heard the term fazenda before, so I looked it up. Since I'm pretty familiar with what a ranch is and what a farm is, I was sure I'd spot any special reasons for using this term. Apparently, in English it's used primarily to designate the coffee estates that spread within the interior of Brazil between 1840 and 1896, which created major export commodities for Brazilian trade, but also led to intensification of slavery in Brazil.

    Does that fit your context?
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