rancher and (word), farmers and farm labors

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I came across the difference between farmers (land-owning) and farm labours (landless). I wonder if "rancher" refers to land-owning or landless cattle grazier? What's the word for the opposite?

*typo: farm labour -> labourer
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  • Uncle Jack

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    Farmers aren't necessarily landowners. My grandparents were tenant farmers before they bought their own farm, but you are right that "farmer" is used for someone who has at least some rights over the land, and a farm labourer (or farm laborer, but not "farm labor") is an employee without land rights.

    A rancher is in the same position as a farmer. There isn't an "opposite"; they have employees for various duties such, as cowhands and wranglers.

    Hans in Texas

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    Just a note: labor as an abstraction invented by economists can be subdivided into subcategories, such as factory labor, farm labor, etc.


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    In parts of the US, the term is farm-worker, rather than farm laborer. Another useful term is ranch-hand, for a person who works on a ranch, but does not own it.
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