Randal Quarles hails buoyant US economy

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Hi, dear
When I read an article from FT, I come across the tile of the article Fed policymaker Randal Quarles hails buoyant US economy,as I don't understand what does "hail buoyant" mean, I am not fully understand the what does the title say?
Could anyone explain it for me, thanks very much for your help in advance.
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    "Hail" in this sentence means "praise" or "speak good things about".

    "Buoyant" is an adjective. For boats it means "floats well". Here "a buoyant economy" means "an economy that is doing very well".

    So Quarles is speaking about the US economy, and saying that economy is doing very well.


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    'Hails' is the verb, and 'buoyant US economy' is the object.
    Randal Quarles (who is the Fed policymaker) hails (calls attention to and approves) the buoyant US economy (the US economy is doing well).

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