rank first vs. rank the first vs. be ranked at the first

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I am wondering which one is the right form among

1) He ranks first
2) He ranks the first
3) He is/gets ranked at the first

I understand that 2) might be wrong and 1) is the correct use. (Correct me if I am wrong!) But is 3) acceptable?

Thanks in advance!
  • Parla

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    Since the sentence uses "he", the question that might be answered by that sentence might be "How does he rank?" or "Where does he rank?"

    Bishruta Bhowal

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    I have come across the same line or presentation in many a newspaper including The Hindu. So, please anyone answer my question and I will be obliged.


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    Bishruta, you have not told us what your question is.

    You need to ask the question, before we can answer the question.
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