1. M2k Member

    England (English)
    What would be the best translation for this after I have passionately argued a case to a friend for example.

  2. Missrapunzel

    Missrapunzel Senior Member

    French (France)
    Maybe you would like to make your own attempt first?
  3. jierbe31 Senior Member

    French from France
    Maybe "Terminé pour moi/Affaire classée" ?:confused:
  4. david314

    david314 Senior Member

    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    tempêter? :eek:
  5. M2k Member

    England (English)
    Thank you. Missranpunzel I do feel it would be hard to make an attempt being such a short, very difficult phrase to translate.
  6. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    Pester, fulminer contre quelque chose.
  7. Mezzofanti Senior Member

    Near Bordeaux, France
    Native speaker of pukka UK English
    Good evening M2K,

    I read your query differently from the others and I wonder who is right. I thought you meant "Rant over!" - i.e. "I have now finished my rant."

    Could you clarify ?

  8. Diane93 Member

    USA, English
    Hi Mezzofanti,

    I would think yours is the correct interpretation. Actually I am interested in the translation also because sometimes I send emails to close friends where I put in the subject title: "Rant to follow" so they know to allow plenty of time to read it as I went on a rant about something....sort of along the lines of needing to "vent"
  9. Cath.S.

    Cath.S. Senior Member

    Bretagne, France
    français de France
    If Mezzofanti is correct, which he very well may be, (I first thought over might mean finished here but I wasn't sure at all) then I suggest:
    Diatribe terminée / fin de la diatribe
    or, much more informally
    Fin du coup de gueule.

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