rapid type /typing

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  • lingkky

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    Amazing! What a rapid type/typing!

    To show surprise to someone with fast typing speed.

    Which is correct?


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    British English
    Amazing! What a rapid type/typing! :cross:

    You could say:

    Amazing! What rapid typing!

    But more idiomatically:

    Amazing! You type quickly!


    Amazing! What fast typing!

    Note that when talking about typing on a keyboard, we cannot say "a typing".

    "Type" in this context is usually a verb; as a noun it could refer to the actual metal thingies that produces the imprint on old-style typewriters or printing machines.

    When "type" is used as noun, it has a different meaning and may be used in other contexts.

    The patient was given the wrong type of blood.

    This is a type of gun rarely seen nowadays.
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